A tip to stop your website being offline for longer than it has to be


Hi, a question for you!

What do you do if your website goes down?

Imagine the scenario…

You get that dreaded email from a customer telling you your website is down, or a notification from Google telling you about malware.

What do you do?

For most its panic, followed by an email, or support ticket to their hosting company, and relying on the ability and availability of that support team to assist you quickly.

But where did you leave their details…?

You’ve not needed to contact them since you signed up the year before…

A really important part of a disaster recovery plan is to make a note of key contact details and login information, for your website hosting provider, your domain provider, and your email provider.

And whether you manage the recovery, your hosting company does it, or you reach out to a website developer, you need to have quick access to those safely kept Admin logins.

The quicker you can act; the sooner you can get support and the sooner your website will be back online.

To help you can download this really simple template for your Website essential contact information. Use it to collate all the critical contact information you will need if you ever find yourself with a compromised website.

Keep those details safe and ideally use a service like LastPass and 1Password to keep those details not only easy to find but also safe and secure.

For more safe website essentials check out our 5 essentials to keeping your website safe guide.

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