What happens when your website – a critical asset – becomes inaccessible?

Recently, Kicking Pixels embarked on a challenging journey with a client who found themselves in this exact predicament, shedding light on the importance of digital access and control.

Without website access, changes can’t be made

For months, their website displayed incorrect information, social media links redirected to a completely different business, and contact forms vanished into the ether. 

Our client, a business poised for growth, faced a digital deadlock. They had no access to their WordPress admin panel, nor to their hosting plan. This barrier was not just a technical glitch; it was a full-blown crisis.

The resolution journey

The path to regaining control over the website was fraught with obstacles. It involved extensive communication between Kicking Pixels’ dedicated team, the client, and an elusive previous developer.

This tri-party conversation spanned over three painstaking weeks. Our goal was clear: restore access to the website and, by extension, control over our client’s digital presence.

Lessons learned

This experience, while challenging, provided invaluable insights into the critical nature of digital access and control.

Ownership is Key: Ensure you have full access to your website’s admin panel and hosting account. This control is not just about making updates; it’s about safeguarding your digital presence.

Documentation is Crucial: Maintain detailed records of all credentials, contracts, and communications with developers or digital service providers. This paper trail can be a lifeline in resolving disputes or transitioning between providers. 

We get it – a lot of it will be boring and you won’t know what to do with it – but take it and store it away in a safe place (that you will remember) because it literally could save your website’s life!

Choose partners wisely: The expertise and reliability of your digital partners are paramount. And remember that relationships change, so even with the best partner, it’s important to keep in control of your access for a rainy day.

At Kicking Pixels, we pride ourselves on transparency, skill, and support, ensuring our clients never feel abandoned.

Proactive management: Regularly review and update your website. Digital landscapes evolve, and so should your online presence. This includes ensuring all links are correct, forms are functional, and content is up-to-date.

Moving forward, store your website access details safely

Our client’s story ended on a positive note, with full access restored and their website corrected.

This ordeal, however, serves as a cautionary tale for all businesses. In the digital realm, control and access are not just conveniences; they are necessities.

At Kicking Pixels, we understand the complexities of managing a digital presence.

Our approach is not just about building websites; it’s about empowering our clients, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital maze confidently.

Whether you’re establishing a new digital footprint or securing an existing one, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Remember, in the digital world, preparation and partnership are your best allies.

Let’s ensure your digital journey is smooth, secure, and successful.