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Why us for your website, web app or digital project?

You might have started your search thinking you were looking for a developer or a designer for your website or web app. While you definitely do need a developer and a designer, you need them to understand user behaviour so that your website or application delivers against your goals.

If you want growth, you want to talk to us, because we are user experience and conversion specialists.

We’re a growing team of 13 passionate people based on the Central Coast of NSW, an hour north of Sydney. We know how to use our marketing, design and development skills to build digital experiences that do more than look pretty — they get your ideal customers to take action.

Our Team

We’re a single agency that houses marketing, design, engineering and development experts, with access to additional expertise in complementary specialties.

When you’re talking to us, you’re reaching a single point of contact with everything it takes to create a website, digital product or application that will be an engine of growth for your business.

Matt - custom web app development - Kicking Pixels
Matt - web app development agency - Kicking Pixels


Head of Digital
Laet - quality web design - Kicking Pixels
Laet - cheap web page design - Kicking Pixels


Strategy & Projects
Mikko - web app development cost - Kicking Pixels
Mikko - quick web app development - Kicking Pixels


Sam - cheap web page design - Kicking Pixels
Sam - Sydney web design services - Kicking Pixels


Sales Advisor

Capabilities and wider team

We combine in-house expertise with other digital specialists to ensure our clients get the right outcome for each situation. This means you can feel confident that our solutions are tailored to your needs, not our business goals.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Design & Development
  • Web Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • SEO & Search Marketing
  • Copywriting & Content 
  • Brand and Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video Production
UI/UX Design Agency - Kicking Pixels

You need to trust the web developer and their advice, as my website is very important to the business.

Kicking Pixels have done a great job in suggesting improvements and what will work better for Google. I will be continuing to use Kicking Pixels.

Justin Mackintosh, Mackintosh Photography
Website Developers - best development software - Kicking Pixels

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