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WP Engine

Google demands super-fast hosting from websites that want to rank. You should take note even if you don’t care about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — Google only cares because its vast bank of data tells it that your customers care about speed.

WP Engine is our WordPress website-hosting platform of choice, because it boasts lightning-fast, secure and reliable hosting for your website.

As preferred customers of WP Engine, we can offer our clients access to hosting on WP Engine at rates you can’t get direct.

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Website Hosting

(For WordPress websites)

What's included

  • Super-fast website hosting
  • Up to 25k website visits per month
  • 4gb of local storage
  • CDN (content delivery network)
  • Local Data Center
  • SSL Certificates (run your site securely with https)
  • PHP7.4 / HTTP2 available for better performance
  • Page Performance testing
  • Access to testing environment for your website
  • White glove onboarding from your existing environment

$550/year (inc.GST)

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