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Our clients want more than just a website.
They want a website that converts.

By "converts", we mean they want a website that convinces their prospects to pick up the phone, to email them, to make a purchase… If that’s what you want as well, you need more than a website developer.

You need a web design agency that focuses on conversions. Website experts who’ll build a website designed to get your ideal customers to take action. That’s us.



Anyone can put up a website in minutes for peanuts, but the cost of a website will always be the business that clicks away to a competitor because your website doesn’t project value, isn’t well thought through, runs slow or breaks at the moment you need it. Our investment in Kicking Pixels has given us total confidence online.

— Steven Lewis, Taleist (Sydney)

The Kicking


Marketing Know-how

We have the marketing strategy background to understand where your website fits into the whole picture. And we have the website design and website development skills to translate your marketing objectives into a site that will achieve them.

Built to fit

By taking the time to listen to what you need your website to do, we custom design and build a website that fits you (with room for growth) — so that you’re not paying for a same-same site on a platform with a thousand features you’ll never use.

Here to stay

Our core team is based just outside Sydney, not outside Australia. And we offer ongoing website and WordPress advice and support to all our clients.


Kicking Pixels Website Team

A little
about us

Kicking Pixels combines marketing strategy and website expertise under one roof. That makes for a web design agency that sees all the angles necessary to optimise a website for conversions.

We start with the conversion objectives (calls, emails, sales) then work forward from there to custom design and build a website that’s optimised for results.

Talk to a website
agency who
gets marketing

There’s a great deal to building a winning website and not everyone does it all.

Whether you’re starting fresh, or recovering from a bad experience, put yourself in expert hands and talk to a website agency who can see the whole picture.

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