“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.” – Gomez

Have you ever visited a website that was so frustrating to use that you vowed never to return?

You’re not alone. User experience (UX) can make or break your club’s digital presence.

Let’s dive into why UX is crucial and how it can drive your club’s success.

The Importance of UX for Clubs

When it comes to keeping your club members engaged, a seamless UX is indispensable.

Think about it – when your members can easily navigate your website, find information quickly, and enjoy their interaction, they’re more likely to stay active and loyal.

This isn’t just about looking good; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with users.

A well-designed UX also plays a pivotal role in attracting new members.

Imagine a potential member visiting your website for the first time. An intuitive, visually appealing, and easy-to-use website will help users draw parallels with your physical environment (friendly and welcoming, engaging, quality), turning website visitors into physical visitors, and potentially a new loyal member.

First impressions matter, and a great UX ensures your club makes a positive one.

Moreover, a stellar UX boosts your club’s reputation.

Happy members are more likely to spread the word, bringing in referrals and enhancing your club’s standing in the community. Positive user experiences lead to positive word-of-mouth – it’s that simple.

Key Components of Effective UX


Intuitive Navigation

Easy-to-use navigation is at the heart of a good UX.

Clear menus, logical flow, and accessible information mean users can find what they need without frustration.

Having various audiences means your content needs to be accessible by each group easily and quickly.

At Kicking Pixels, we specialise in designing custom club websites where everything “just makes sense”, guiding your users effortlessly through their journey.


Responsive Design

People use a variety of devices to access websites. That’s why responsive design is non-negotiable.

We ensure your site looks and functions beautifully on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

This flexibility not only satisfies users but also broadens your reach.

We use data to inform these design and development ideas and decisions, do if the majority of your website visitors are looking at your gym’s timetable on a mobile device – as they do on the MingaraOne website, then that will be the centre of the website design.


Mobile Optimisation

With more people accessing websites via smartphones than ever before, mobile optimisation is crucial.

Fast loading times, readable content, and intuitive touch interfaces keep mobile users happy and engaged.

At Kicking Pixels, we know how to fine-tune your site to shine on every screen size. Sometimes that means nice to have content takes a back seat on a small screen, sometimes it’s stacking the content just the right way.

Financial Implications of Prioritising UX

Investing in UX isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a smart financial move.

Improved UX can lead to increased memberships, more event bookings, and higher overall revenue. When users enjoy their online experience, they’re more likely to engage and spend money.

A well-designed website also reduces support and maintenance costs.

Users can navigate easily, reducing the need for help desk interventions. This not only saves time but also cuts operational costs—benefits that directly impact your bottom line.


Return on Investment (ROI)

Concerned about ROI? Let’s look at the numbers. For instance, a sports club that revamped its website with our help saw a 30% increase in memberships within six months. The financial benefits of a well-designed UX speak for themselves.


Budget Allocation

Worried about budget? Improving UX doesn’t have to break the bank. Start with user research to identify key pain points, then invest strategically in areas with the most impact. We can help you plan phased improvements to manage costs effectively over time.


Risk Mitigation

Prioritising UX also mitigates risks related to user frustration and high bounce rates. A user-friendly site keeps visitors engaged and reduces the likelihood of them leaving prematurely, ensuring a positive perception of your club.

Steps to Improve UX in Club Websites


Conduct User Research

Understanding your members’ needs and behaviours through surveys and analytics is the first step. This data informs design decisions that align with user expectations and enhance their experience. At Kicking Pixels, we excel in turning insights into actionable strategies.


Implement Best Practices

We bring expertise in best practices for intuitive navigation, responsive design, and mobile optimisation. Simple adjustments like streamlining menus, using responsive frameworks, and optimising images for mobile can dramatically improve your site’s UX.


Continuous Improvement

UX isn’t a one-time project. Regular updates and optimisations based on user feedback and technological advancements are crucial. We partner with you for the long haul, ensuring your website remains a step ahead.

Prioritising UX is essential for clubs aiming to engage and retain members, attract new ones, and enhance their reputation. A small investment in UX can lead to significant returns.

Is it time to assess your current website’s UX?

Consider investing in improvements that will not only satisfy your members, but also drive your club’s success.

Contact our team to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards a better user experience.