Choosing the right website hosting is more than just a technical decision—it’s a strategic investment in your business’s digital future.

While it might be tempting to opt for a less expensive hosting solution, the true cost of such a decision often reveals itself in ways that can harm your business.

Here’s a closer look at why a seemingly small saving now can lead to significant expenses later.

Website downtime costs more than you think

Imagine the door being locked in a brick-and-mortar store during peak shopping hours.

Your website being offline is the online equivalent of locked doors.

Your website is the digital doorway to your business, every second it’s offline is a missed opportunity.

It’s not just about the immediate inconvenience or lost sales in the moment; the ripple effects can extend far beyond the downtime itself, impacting customer trust and your brand’s reputation.

Since your online presence is intertwined with business success, understanding the true cost of downtime is crucial.

Let’s explore why every second your website is down, you’re not just losing visitors; you’re risking your business’s future.

Website downtime’s impact on revenue

Imagine a potential client walking past your store only to see the doors locked, and the lights off. Not only do you lose out on immediate sales, but the long-term impact of that visitor’s trust can be ongoing, and even extending to their network.

Imagine the chatter: “They’re not there anymore – I walked past last week and the doors were shut”

Your website’s downtime impact on trust can be even more costly.

Brand reputation damage

What goes through your head when you land on a website that isn’t working?

You might wonder if the business has shut down, missed a payment, or simply doesn’t care about its online presence.

These are not the impressions any business wants to leave with potential customers.

Security risks and vulnerabilities

Navigating the digital landscape requires more than just a presence; it demands vigilance.

While the web is a place of opportunity, it’s also a battlefield where security risks and vulnerabilities can compromise your website, your data… AND your reputation.

Let’s take a look at some of the hidden dangers that lurk behind the scenes.

From the silent threat of data breaches to the disruptive force of malware, understanding these risks is the first step towards fortifying your online castle.

As we explore the various facets of digital security, remember: the strength of your defences can determine the resilience of your business in the face of cyber adversity.

Cyber threats

A website on a budget hosting platform is like a house with an unlocked door in a high-crime area.

The minimal security measures of cheap hosting can leave your site open to attacks, which can be devastating in terms of recovery costs and lost customer trust.

The .au regulator has the authority to shut down domains when they believe it poses a threat to the community.

They don’t do this lightly, and generally provide time to rectify the issues they uncover, however, in most cases, a domain being shut isn’t reopened.

Imagine if your clients can’t access your website and can’t email you. You’ll be starting from scratch on a new domain.

Managed hosting advantage

With managed hosting, you’re not just paying for server space; you’re investing in robust security measures designed to keep your digital assets safe. Various alerts and remedies also exist to add a layer of cotton wool to your domain and website.

Limited access and control

Imagine having a high-performance car but no keys to drive it; that’s the predicament many businesses find themselves in when they opt for website hosting solutions that offer limited access and control.

This can occur when your website developer offers to host the site for you, without having the ability to give you access to your install. This is dangerous, leaving you vulnerable to having your hands tied behind your back.

Hosting servers will have various setups, and it’s important to know not just how it currently is setup, but of any updates and potential issues that can come up.

Limited access to your hosting account can feel like being locked out of your own car. You can see it, but you can’t drive it or fix it if something goes wrong.

Full access to your hosting install means full access to your website files and data.

And if you think you don’t need it – see this case study.

Technical support and expertise

Availability of support

Imagine your website encounters an issue in the middle of a busy sales period, but there’s no one to call for help. The lack of support with cheaper hosting options can leave you stranded, wasting precious time and losing sales. Even the best developers and website agencies have to wait in an endless line to reach support, with substandard answers and knowledge. Their time is your money.

Managed hosting benefit

Access to 24/7 expert support (via chat, and not unhelpful support tickets) means having a team ready to jump into action, ensuring your website operates smoothly around the clock, and freeing you to focus on your business.

Further, managed hosting will proactively look for potential issues in the future, and get things back on track before any impact is felt, unlike the cheaper options that will wait for a tirade of complaints to come through before they look at rectifying anything.

Performance and SEO

Site Speed

A slow-loading website is like a slow-moving queue in a store; customers will simply leave. Site speed not only affects user experience but also impacts your SEO rankings, making your site harder to find for potential customers.

SEO Ranking

Google’s algorithms favour fast, responsive websites. A sluggish site can bury your website pages deep in search results, invisible to those searching for your services.

The true cost of “saving” on website hosting

Investing in quality hosting from the outset prevents issues that can detract from your business’s growth and reputation. Kicking Pixels understands this balance. Our Managed WordPress hosting (powered by WPEngine, the #1 WordPress hosting platform) provides a seamless, secure, and scalable online presence for businesses that value their digital footprint.

The decision to save on website hosting can lead to unexpected costs, affecting everything from your brand reputation to your bottom line. Kicking Pixels offers Managed WordPress hosting designed to support your business’s growth, security, and online success. By choosing a hosting solution that aligns with your business goals, you’re setting the foundation for a strong, reliable online presence.

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