At Kicking Pixels, our goal is to help business owners get the best from their web design projects.

We handle the technical stuff, but we love some input from you too.

  • We need to know what you want to achieve with your website.
  • We want to understand your goals and website objectives so that we can support these in our design.

So, how do you go about defining these objectives? How can you develop the fundamental aims of your site, ahead of a successful custom design project?


Decide who you are selling to

If you run a B2B organisation, your website design is going to be radically different than that of a B2C company. However, you may also have certain solutions aimed at the B2B market, and others that are delivered on a B2C basis. Understanding this is one of the key fundamentals that needs to be pinned down before design can begin.

You also need to drill a little deeper. Refer to your buyer persona data, and think of these buyers on a human level. What do they need from you, how do they want it delivered, and what are their key pain points and areas of friction? These are excellent insights that we can use to design your ideal website.


Look at your competitors in the market

It’s not a case of copying the websites of others. Instead, it is a case of aiming to be the very best. Spend some time browsing some of your competitors’ websites. What is working well? What is frustrating and annoying about the browsing experience? Think about how you can go a step further and craft a beautifully intuitive experience for your users.


Think about the ideal action at every stage

Each stage of the buyer journey is different, and you may want your audience to take a particular action depending on which stage of the journey they are at. You may intend your users to sign up for a mailing list at one stage, make a purchase at another, or subscribe to a service or connect with your support team at other stages. Define this buyer journey — including stages before, during, and after purchase — as well as the core actions at each stage so that we can create a web design that works for you and provide a winning website.


Decide on key metrics

In order to be successful, you have to be able to measure success. So, which metrics will you use to decide if your custom web design project has been truly successful? Web analytics can track a wide range of different variables, so the data and insight will be right there at your fingertips. You just need to decide how you will use it.

The best website design begins with these fundamentals. Understand your audience, understand what they need, understand what you need, then let our design skill and technique make that happen.