. Our Design Process

To help us achieve the best results, we follow a design process. Before jumping straight into the design, we seek to fully understand the needs and scope of a project before our pencil hits paper.

We take a defined approach to our design work to ensure the success of the final product. Let's walk through each step in the design process.

Our process for delivering successful design work for our clients.


Gathering Information

Before we can begin a project, we need to fully understand what's required. Our Getting Started Questionnaire and deep-dive consultation allow us to drill down on the goals and propose the best design solutions to achieve them.


Project Outline

We compile all of the great insights we've collected during the information gathering and proposal stage into a creative brief and deliverables document. This project outline will continue to inform, structure and guide our work.



We give ourselves the freedom to explore. We brainstorm, we view inspiring works, we look at the world around us, we flick through books, we talk, we draw. Once we have our ideas it's time to begin sorting them into meaningful structured layouts.


The Sketches

Before moving to our favourite software to kick pixels around, we start with a simple pencil and paper. This lets us get our ideas down on paper quickly, and share our basic design and direction, without investing lots of time on design.


The Design

Only now do we get to the actual design phase. We'll typically work up two or three unique designs (depending on the scope of the project) to provide options and the scope to mix and match elements to get to the final design route.


Final Artwork

The final design route will then be worked up further as a second round of design. Any further changes and enhancements can then be made before agreeing on a final design. The final design is then worked up to finished artwork and specs.

We’d love to learn about your design project

To kick things off, we've created a getting started questionnaire to get your vision down on paper.