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Holistic Management and Consultancy (HM&C) provide market-leading training and consultancy – dedicated to supporting the childcare industry across Australia.

The HM&C team wanted to create a revolutionary product for the childcare industry that not only helped their childcare services to access information in an easy to navigate format, but also to help them to have efficient processes in place with a system that promoted autonomy. We were excited by the challenge and the opportunity to flex our tech skills to design and build an easy-to-use software that would deliver against their key requirements.

As a result, their systems are now more autonomous, and they are able to provide their childcare services with a professional portal to access all the information they need to run their businesses and meet their compliance obligations with ease.

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Our systems are more autonomous, and we are providing our childcare services with a professional portal to access all information.

The Kicking Pixels team have exceeded our expectations with the research they have completed to ensure they had a great grasp of our industry and how the technology we wanted to design would work for us. We love your ideas, your innovation, your approachability and your service.

Amanda Blackshaw, Project Officer, HM&C
Childcare Website Design - Kicking Pixels
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