Multimedia CRO

Increase your website conversion rate with video

Video is rapidly becoming an unstoppable juggernaut as far as marketing is concerned. Website designers and business owners have been quick to harness the power of video, and audiences have lapped up the resulting content. In fact, the rate of qualified lead generation increases by 66% when marketers use video rather than traditional methods, underlining just how useful this tool is for professionals and how popular it is among today’s internet users.

Here are a few ways that conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services can really get the best out of video and increase website conversions for clients.

Let the world know how good you are

What you offer is great, and you know this. You just need to let the world know this too. Unfortunately, simply telling everyone how great you are is unlikely to cut it. Instead, user testimonials are powerful tools that can be used to energise your audience and make your video content really powerful within your conversion funnel.

Harness that visual element

It will surprise no one to learn that video is a visual medium, and yet so many video producers simply place a person in front of the camera and have them deliver what is effectively a blog post direct to the audience. This might be a little more engaging than a standard blog post, but it is still a missed opportunity. Show your audience something — show them how great your products and services are, anything that is going to make them sit up and take notice.

Show a personal, emotional element

Video is more than just a visual medium ⁠— it’s an emotional one too. Think about your customers’ pain points. What are your customers struggling with? Your website design should already go some way to alleviating these pain points and concerns, but you can go a step further with your video content, using emotional triggers to optimise conversion rates.

Develop linkbait

Video content requires investment, both in terms of money and time. As such, you need to treat it like an asset. For some video content, you may want to offer a preview and then release the rest of the video to consumers that sign up for a mailing list or take another action. This maximises the benefit you are receiving from your video, as well as your ROI.

Consider the customer journey and the buyer decision process

The best conversion rate optimisation services take a holistic view, looking at the entirety of the customer journey and the buyer decision process. Ask yourself directly — how is this video influencing buyers, and where does it fit in the customer journey?

Video is now a huge part of conversion optimisation, both locally and to wider markets. Make sure your business is harnessing its full potential, and reap the rewards that come from a great video marketing campaign.