Website Design & Development Case study

Shelly Beach Golf Club

How we designed and built a golf club website that members love!

We used a data-driven approach to website design and development for the club's new website. The outcome has seen a surge in user engagement, with a 42% increase in time spent on the website and a 49% upswing in individual pages viewed per visit.


Working with
Shelly Beach
Golf Club

About the club

Shelly Beach Golf Club is set on a stunning part of the central coast of NSW.

Overlooking the ocean, the club offers a premium 18-hole golf course along with regular tournaments and social competitions. It also provides excellent live entertainment, quality dining and a variety of other popular activities and events.

Website goals

Shelly Beach Golf Club identified three main problems with their old website that needed to be addressed:

  • 1

    It did not reflect the Club’s current brand and direction, which undermined the effectiveness of social media marketing

  • 2

    The website did not differentiate the Club from its competitors, and it failed to highlight the Club’s value proposition as a unique coastal venue for golfing and social activities

  • 3

    There was insufficient awareness of the Club’s wider products, facilities and events – even among current members

Our kicking approach

To deliver a website that worked, we needed to better understand two things:

How visitors were using the Club's old website

Where improvements could be made across the site

We compared the Club’s new website goals with data insights derived from their old website. Using a combination of Google Analytics, Heat Mapping, and User Polls, we uncovered three important data insights.

These were fundamental in shaping the design of the new website.


Our website was dated and didn't tell the current story of Shelly Beach Golf Club well. It was important to create a modern fresh look that better reflected our club. A website that would be easy to navigate and would tell our story both visually and through concise and clear words. We also needed to better promote the club's facilities, events, and regular social & golf activities to members and guests.

— Scott Armstrong, General Manager, Shelly Beach Golf Club

Insights that
shaped the user

Insight #1

Usage on the move

Over 56% of website visitors were using mobile or tablet devices. This was higher than expected, even among the older club members and visitors.


A mobile-first design

We designed the club’s new website with a "mobile-first" approach. Many websites are designed for desktop users first, with content then repositioned for mobile users.

Designing the new website for “mobile-first”, meant prioritising the most important information. As the user’s screen size increases, we increase the amount of secondary content, taking advantage of the user’s enhanced capacity – in terms of space and time - to engage more fully with the Club’s website.

This results in a better experience for mobile users, with enriched content on desktop devices.



An improved website design across all devices has aligned the Shelly Beach Golf Club on-line brand with their venue. This has given the social media marketing team the confidence to drive traffic to the website.

Traffic to the new website directly from social media channels has increased by


Since the Sept '19 launch, better usability has seen mobile traffic increase by 


A lean custom build has increased mobile page speed (on the same server) by 


Insight #2

Unusually high “single-page” website usage

35% of users visited a single page - the Golf Portal. Although this was the website’s second most visited page, it did not display any of the Club’s other offerings. This was a missed opportunity for engaging with a sizeable portion of website visitors about other Club products, activities, and events.


Exploiting the Golf Portal

By embedding the Golf Portal directly onto the website, golf club members no longer have to leave the website to log in.

This now allows the club to utilise the space, and a captive audience, to inform members of other activities, such as dining, upcoming events, and regular entertainment.



Website users visiting the main landing page (golf) are expanding their search to other pages across the website that was not previously happening - this has included events, dining and related golf content.

The number of users visiting other pages directly from the golf portal from 0 to


Visitors revisiting the website has seen a big upswing, increasing by


Across the board, website traffic has increased over the last 60 days by a noteable


Insight #3

Users didn't scroll

Our analysis of how visitors behaved on the homepage revealed that only 18% of users reached important information about the Golf Club, promotions and activities. The content that the Club wanted to promote - dining, events, membership, and activities - was effectively invisible to the majority of website visitors.



Priorising important information

The page seen by website visitors before they need to scroll down is called “above the fold”.

Our focus was to communicate as much important information as possible in this space. As a result, ALL website visitors can now see the most important information that the Club wants to share, without users having to scroll.

We also made the homepage shorter and clutter-free. The page's single-mindedness improves the overall experience for users and acts as an inviting gateway to individual content pages.



More immediately accessible content on both desktop and mobile devices has contributed to greater engagement, improved useability and action.

The percentage of users scrolling past the first section of content up to


The percentage of people leaving without visiting any other pages down to


The increase in the number of pages viewed during each website visit is up by



Early results are very encouraging. We have a website we are confident driving traffic to, and that provides our golf and social members with a better online experience. One of the most successful aspects of the website process was being able to talk with Kicking Pixels and collaborate on what we wanted from our website - Kicking Pixels definitely fulfilled our expectations. We are looking forward to seeing where the website takes us next.

— Scott Armstrong, General Manager, Shelly Beach Golf Club

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