. Our Website Health-Checks

There are many ways to design and build a WordPress website, some better than others!

If you're unsure of the build quality of your business website, and would like a full assessment of your business website, then our Website Health-Check Audit is for you.

Take a look at what's inside our Website Health-Check Audits

Our health-check evaluation includes a comprehensive 60 point checklist that covers best practice settings, configuration, on-page SEO, mobile and tablet responsiveness, your website hosting, site speed checks and more.

The purpose of a Website Health-Check is to fully assess the health of your website, identify issues and provide best practice recommendations to help you maximise the effectiveness of your business website.

We'll provide you with a detailed report covering what was performed as part of the Health Check, a summary of the health of your website, issues that require immediate attention and best practice recommendations which can be undertaken independently, or actioned under one of our Website Care Plans.

  • Website Malware and Security Scan

    We start by making sure your website has not been compromised by checking for malware, any blacklisting, spam injections and defacements.

  • Monitoring Website Uptime

    We’ll setup a regular uptime monitoring. Uptime is a great measure of how good a web hosting provider is at keeping their systems (and your website) up and running.

  • Website Backup Schedule

    We'll check that a regular backup schedule (for files and database) is in place and provide an off-site backup so you have an additional backup in addition to what's saved on your web server.

  • WordPress, Theme and Plugins review

    We’ll review your website's core WordPress files, your plugins and theme, documenting any issues, warnings and compatibility concerns.

  • WordPress, Theme and Plugins updates

    We’ll create a cloned version of your website on a staging environment, before updating (WordPress, theme, plugins), testing and reverting it back onto your live environment.

  • SEO & Search Engine Analytics

    We have a 16 point onsite SEO best practice check-list that will give you an overview of your setup and actionable recommendations for creating a Google-friendly website.

  • Code markup

    We'll check your website for both HTML validation and CSS Validation, sharing any critical elements that need attention. We'll also check that JavaScript is error free.

  • Social

    We'll check that Open Graph tags for properly displaying previews in social media posts
, Social accounts are integrated correctly,
 and Social Share buttons exist on posts.

  • WordPress Settings

    We'll check all of your WordPress core settings to ensure everything checks out correctly. We'll also review your file configurations and folder/file file permissions. 

  • User Experience

    We'll provide a user experience score-card of your user's experience on your website, covering recommendations for search, information and accessibility.

  • Page and Content Formatting

    We check for grammar and spelling, the inclusion of privacy policy and copyright statements. We also check content authoring, categorisation, image labelling and more.

  • Website Performance

    We’ll run analysis with Google PageSpeed and YSlow and provide an overall grade of website performance and of individual factors to improve your website page speed.

  • Website Security

    We’ll check your website settings to ensure your website is setup securely and propose measures to help bolster your website's security from malware.

  • Your Report & Recommendations

    Your Website Health-Check report will provide you with

    • The findings from our 60 point checklist
    • Identify issues and priority with which they need addressing
    • Further recommendations the best practice enhancements
    • We'll provide you with a recommended Website Care Plan
    • Recommend power boosting plugins for your website

Website Health-Check Terms of Service